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Helping Police Officers, Paramedics, Dispatchers, Fire, Corrections Officers,  Customs Officers, Nurses and other frontline workers reverse the effects of shift work and stress on their body, so they can sleep better, have more energy and prevent burn out.

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Sleep Better and Wake Feeling Refreshed


Stress can take a toll on your body.  It's impossible to avoid in your line of work. 
BUT there are ways to learn to manage and decrease it, so that you can AVOID BURN OUT.

Andi Clark

Hi, I'm Andi

Since my husband started his career as a police officer my focus has been on preventing the burnout, exhaustion, tanked immune system and even PTSD that I know can result from poorly managed stress, not to mention the toll all of those things take on family life

I've created a system for frontline workers, using  the fundamentals and tactics I learned reversing my own burnout, coaching stressed high end executives for over 20 years,  and preventing burnout in my Police Officer husband. My goal is to teach this to every frontline worker struggling with shift work and stresses of the job.