28 Day Ski Program

28 DAy Ski Program to Strengthen Hips, Knees, Core and Abs

Ski Season Is Upon Us

Are you ready for ski season?   Or are you like many of us who end up so sore after the first run of the season that you need to work your way back slowly.   And by the time you are in top shape the season is part way through?  

I decided that this year was the end of that.   So I created a 28 Day Ski Program that you can do on your own.  

Today I thought I would share some of the amazing exercises that are in the video.  

Please note that this program was designed for people who do not have any joint issues or recovering from an injury.   The plyometric exercises should be done at your own pace and with caution.  

If you do have joint issues you may be interested in starting with our Knee  and Hip Strengthening Blogs.  

Warm Up – Squat with a Twist

This squat plus a twist is a great way to warm up your hips, knees, back and core.   You will find this in the middle of the warm up in the 28 Day Ski Program. If  you are going to try it today start gently with small motions and work up to a full squat as your body is ready.   Always lift your heel so that you do not twist your knee.  

Knee and Hip Strengthening

This part of the program is packed full of great knee and hip exercises to strengthen all of the small muscles around your joints. 

Andi is demonstrating a straight leg lift to strengthen your quads which are the muscles on top of your knee and used a lot when skiing.  


This Pilates exercise is great for working your inner and outer thighs while engaging your core.    

Pilates strengthens your joints and small surrounding muscles as well as larger muscle groups. 


Ezequiel is demonstrating a ski exercise. This is great for working all of the muscles you will use when on the slopes. Especially your quads, ankle and knee joints and core.

NOTE * Dynamic, jumping exercises are only for people who have worked their way up to it and who do not have any injuries. Use caution before doing any of these exercises.


Yoga will help stretch your sore muscles after a day of skiing or training for ski season.

This stretch helps open up your hip and outside of your knee.

As with all stretches be cautious not to over stretch and if you have trouble getting into this position do not force it. It will come in time.


Massages and skiing should always go hand in hand. 

The foam roller is great for self massaging sore muscles. 

Juliet is working her IT Band on the outside of her leg, which gets tight from skiing.   This is a great exercise to do apres ski.    

Don't forget to do both legs.  

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