9 Tips To Boost Your Brain At Work

Stressed Man needs to improve nutrition and healthy habits to boost his brain at work.

Summer has decided to stay a while longer, but office meetings and work schedules are ramping up with everyone back from summer holidays. Work Intensity and time commitments have increased.

Throughout my 20 years of training clients in the corporate world I have found that this is often the time where work out routines and healthy nutrition are pushed to the back burner. It’s tough to get to the gym for an hour to work out plus travel time with everything waiting for you at the office. Add grocery shopping and food prep to the mix and you would have no time for anything else.

After a week or so of not working out and eating whatever is quick to grab your energy decreases and it’s hard to make tough decisions as the day goes on.

If this is you, you are not alone. You are the majority and one of the main reasons we created Home Fit. We want to help busy professionals maximize their day by taking out the travel time to and from the gym.

While having a personal trainer, yoga or pilates instructor is a huge benefit, there are many things that you can do on your own to help decrease stress, improve your brain function throughout the day and live a happier, healthier life.

Quick and Easy Things That You Can Do

  1. Drink water – I know I mention this one a lot, but it is such a simple thing to do and it highly impacts how your brain and body functions. Have a portable water bottle on hand with you at all times and keep drinking throughout your day.
  2. Bring precut veggies to work with you– Making all of the food you require in your day may not be possible. There is nothing wrong with bringing some food to snack on while at your desk. Grab some pre-cut veggies every time you grocery shop. Then every morning grab 1 to 2 cups worth and put them in a container. Sit them on your desk and munch on them through the day.
  3. Store raw nuts in your desk – Store a large bag of raw nuts in your desk. (almonds, cashews, hazelnuts…) If you can’t get away from your desk take out 12 nuts and enjoy. The good fats and proteins will help satiate you. Add your pre-cut veggies and you will find a balance of energy to continue to be productive.
  4. Take 10-minute breaks in your day and go for a walk – Yes, too many breaks are not great for productivity, but getting up to get your blood pumping to your body and brain will help your productivity. This also takes you away from screen time of which allows your brain to reset so you can focus once back. Drinking lots of water also helps you take mini breaks in a day if you are prone to ignoring a timer that’s set on your computer.
  5. Schedule your time around your natural rhythms– Dr. Kayvon K has a great 22-minute pod cast to help guide you through being more productive with your time. It’s definitely worth listening to and will help you understand how to maximize your time on each task/project you have in your day.
  6. Create a 15 min work out to do 3x a week – Most people feel they need to go into a health and fitness routine full tilt in order to benefit from it. As a result, they find that it takes up way too much of their time and they quit everything and go back to their old habits. Adding 15 minutes to the start of your day isn’t a lot to ask. The results will not be immediate or drastic, but will compound over time helping you feel better throughout your day which helps productivity. Keep an eye out for next week’s blog giving you 3 x 15-minute programs.
  7. Take the stairs and long route whenever you can – As mentioned adding little things in your day compounds over time. Taking every stair case that you come across in your day instead of an elevator or escalator burns more calories. You can burn 99 calories for every 10 minutes of stairs you do in a day. Take stairs 20 minutes of your day Monday to Friday and you will burn 1000 calories.
    • 1000 calories per week x 50 weeks = 50 000 calories a year.
    • 50 000 calories per year / 3500 calories in a pound of fat = 14 lbs. of fat burned a year
  8. Yoga Stretches at your desk – Adding yoga while at your desk relieves tension, aches and pains caused by sitting at your desk. Lamis, one of our yoga instructors, wrote this blog outlining some great stretches to do at your desk.
  9. Limit your sodium when eating in the food courts – Keep your sodium count to 300 mg maximum per meal as mentioned in our Tip Tuesday.

As with everything at Home Fit, we do not believe in doing all at once. Pick two to three of the items listed that you feel you can accomplish easily and start doing them. Then set a reminder in your calendar for 2 weeks from now to add another to your list and 2 weeks after that do the same and continue this until you are able to incorporate everything into your daily habits and routine.

We are here to support you. Let us know if you have any questions or would like to book a free consultation. Contact us today.

About the Author

Andi Clark

Andi struggled alone with exhaustion, brain fog, mood swings and more for 20 years before finding out these symptoms had a nameAdrenal Fatigue.Once she felt better, she closed down her business of 15 years and passionately started a new business with a mission-To help other Mom Entrepreneurs realize that the stress and burnout they are feeling has a name and there is a way to get help.She has created a program that teaches Mom Entrepreneurs how to incorporate lifestyle changes without overwhelming them, so they can feel more energized, think clearer, become more productive, happier, and healthier in order to crush their goals and be the mom boss of their dreams!