The stress relief program is preset. There is one program for 15 minute work outs and another for 30 minute work outs. You may choose to do the 15 minute work outs to get into a rhythm and build the habit of working out. Then you can try the 30 minute program once your first round if finished if you feel you have time for longer work outs.
In my history with clients I have found that meal plans do not teach you how to create habits that they can maintain long term. My philosophy is to slowly build habits that you can incorporate into your life. It’s more about what can we add in that’s healthy, than we will we take out. Your results will not be as quick as taking away all of the unhealthy things you consume. But if you can change these habits for life you will always benefit from the results versus getting quick results now and then going back to all of your old habits once you are off the plan.