Hi, I’m Andi Clark. 

Three decades ago, I started as an Elite Corporate Level Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach in downtown Toronto, working with high-level executives like lawyers, investment brokers, and C-suite professionals. 

In 2005 I started and in-home personal training business and as it expanded started  training other trainers to understand our high-achieving C-Suite clients. 

For many years during this time I had a dirty little secret. 

I was battling exhaustion pushing from the moment I woke until I went to bed. Struggles to focus, mood swings, constant illnesses, gut issues, and more. 

Doctors’ tests always came back normal, leaving me feeling like it was all in my head.  I couldn’t find answers despite my expertise in the health and wellness industry.  

Don’t get me wrong…   Feeling beyond exhausted with a foggy brain I pushed myself each and every day.    That’s what goal oriented people do, right? 

I had two burnout crashes.  One in my early 20’s and the other while pregnant with my second son at the age of 39.    

Everything changed when my second son was born. 

He experienced the similar symptoms from birth as I had, and I knew it couldn’t be a coincidence and I was determined to find a solution immersing myself in research, courses, and trainings. 

I discovered that long-term stress called for more than just exercise and nutrition. 

Once my son and I successfully navigated our own challenges, I made a promise to myself to help others who were facing similar struggles and I began working with my police officer husband’s colleagues, witnessing incredible transformations in their lives—better sleep, increased energy and focus, improved moods, healed guts, and renewed joy in their personal lives and careers.

Word spread about my work, and in 2018, I expanded my reach to assist first responders across North America and the UK. I even started speaking internationally, sharing my experience and knowledge. 

Inspired by their progress, I developed a highly successful system for first responders, addressing how to strengthen stress systems to not only manage with the stress they endured each and every shift, but thrive throughout their careers and at home.  

As I worked with them, I couldn’t help but think about my past executive clients. 

I recognized the potential to elevate their focus, energy, and productivity by teaching them how to track the right KPIs and utilize data effectively.

Reaching out to my past clients, they eagerly joined me on this new journey. 

Today, I work with many high level executives one-on-one, witnessing significant positive changes. 

Our success has sparked discussions about sharing my knowledge speaking at conferences to further enhance productivity in their businesses.  

And that’s how my journey unfolded, empowering high-level executives and first responders alike to unlock their full potential and achieve remarkable transformations.

If you would like to discover the power of tracking key performance indicators and harnessing the potential of data to unlock 10x improvements in your performance and overall well-being, book a 15 min call with me to see if we’d be a good fit. 


Together, let’s redefine what it means to thrive, breaking free from the constraints of stress and fatigue, and embracing a life of vitality, purpose, and success.

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