The Guilt of Shift Work

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Being a husband, wife and/or parent as a first responder comes with a lot of guilt.  

The Missing Link in Preventing Burnout in First Responders

Stress Police First Responder Missing LInk

Mental health is only one of five stress triggers that contribute to burnout. Often the others are not considered when they are a very large piece of the puzzle. They weaken a first responder’s stress management system, causing many of the same symptoms as mental stress.

Managing The Holidays As A Police Family

Christmas Police Officer Stress Management Hannukah Holidays

When my husband first became a police officer the hustle and bustle of the holidays became a time of stress for us.   There were so many family and social expectations …

Hidden Weapon To Combat Stress

water stress management ptsd Police officers

I’m going to talk to you about a simple hack, a hidden weapon that combat stress. Water Water can instantly destress your body and if consistently consumed can keep your …

Stress Tips From A TPS Officer

Police Stress Managment PTSD Toronto TPS

Today my husband joined me to chat about stressors on the job and what he does to reduce them. Watch the video or read the transcript below . Andi: I …

What Does Shift Work Do To Your Body

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Police Officers careers often start with shift work.   And many remain on a shift schedule throughout their entire career. I am going to tell you how shift work affects your …

Tactical Ways To Control Your Stress

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Your job is full of stress.  My mission is to help teach you tactical ways to decrease stress that you have control over, so that you have more energy and …