Halloween Tips and Tricks

Halloween is here again and along with all the fun and spooky costumes comes the sugar highs and lows. It’s really hard to resist the temptation - at least it is for me.

Every year candy comes out earlier and earlier and it just calls my name. And every year I tell myself, ‘I will not eat as much this year’. I’ve found when it comes to what goes in my mouth if I have prepared myself properly the temptation is limited or doesn’t exist.
When people crave sugar, it’s often because their body needs energy.

Halloween temptation has already started in offices. Bowls of sweet treats are scattered around. I’m usually pretty good until I have one, then at that point, I don’t have an off button.

When people crave sugar, it’s often because their body needs energy. Sugar gives you a huge energy rush, but it also crashes fast, so your body asks for more shortly after. Same for a high carb meal – pasta, rice, bread… It becomes a vicious circle.
There are ways to stop it, and here's how:
  1. Prep Healthy Snacks - Make sure you have healthy snacks at your desk and pack a healthy lunch. Good fats -  avocado, mango, fish, and raw nuts help to satiate you keeping that hunger feeling away.    
    • Stash raw almonds in your desk and have 12 at maximum in one sitting.
    • Bring precut veggies and hummus.
    • Pack a healthy lunch with more protein and good fats than carbs.
    • Bring a full fat yogourt or cottage cheese. Add some berries for fun.
    • Eat apple slices dipped in peanut or almond butter.
  2. Sit for 20 minutes after you eat - It takes 20 minutes for food to digest and the brain to receive the signal that your belly is full.  Wait 20 minutes and if you still feel like a little treat then go and have one.  You will find you either won’t want one or will grab less than you would have on an empty stomach.  Keep in mind that if you do have one and start craving more right after, have a high fat snack first to balance the sugar high and low. 
  3. Drink Water - I know this comes up in a lot of my blogs, but it is so important. Your body is largely made up of water. If you are dehydrated, your brain and body cannot function at full capacity.   Often fatigue is due to dehydration, but your body will tell you that it needs sugar for the energy and will convince you to walk over to the candy bowl and start eating.   Before you listen, drink water. 
  4. Don’t hand out candy - I don’t mean lock your door and turn out your lights. Choose a non-candy option.  I know the tradition is candy, but there are so many more things you can offer now. This will stop you from munching on candy while handing it out.  And if you are like me you may get into it before Halloween and have to buy another box before the day comes.  Costco has mini playdough, and the dollar stores have tattoos and stickers. Kids LOVE these! Get creative there are tons of alternatives to candy.
  5. Have a healthy dinner planned – Halloween night is chaos. Whether you have kids or not.  Getting home to hand out candy is a mad dash from the office to home. Sometimes a pizza is the first choice.  The crust will spike your sugar levels, then you will crash and candy will be calling your name. Why not opt for a crock pot meal so it’s ready as soon as you walk in the door.  Chili is quick and easy.  The beans and ground beef are a great protein source.  Add avocado on the side and you have a great meal that will fill everyone up quick with little cleanup.   This will help you limit the candy you sneak as you hand it out.  Unless, of course, you opted for a candy-free option. 
  6. Switch Witch - A few years ago I discovered the Switch Witch.  One of my kids is allergic to all candy, so I needed to figure out a way to get him to enjoy Halloween, but not eat any of his candy. Thanks to the internet I found the Switch Witch. My oldest loved it so much that he decided to join in.  The boys go out and trick or treat.  They come home and sift through everything and chat about it just like I used to do as a kid.   Then they choose 5 candies that they want to keep.  (for my youngest I usually have something prepped that he can eat.) The rest they place on the table and in the morning when they wake up the Switch Witch had come and replaced the candy with a toy.  
  7. Get the candy out of your house - Send it away with your partner, friend or neighbour’s work (not your own 😊) or donate it to a food bank but don't keep it in your house because if you're anything like me it will have to be eaten.
  8. Work out the day of - Make sure you get your work out in to burn the extra calories that you may consume. Go for a run, train with your personal trainer, Pilates or yoga instructor.
Health and fitness success comes from planning ahead and being prepared.
Try to implement a few of these tips this year to your Halloween routine and each year add another.
Have a fun and spooky Halloween!

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Andi Clark

Andi struggled alone with exhaustion, brain fog, mood swings and more for 20 years before finding out these symptoms had a nameAdrenal Fatigue.Once she felt better, she closed down her business of 15 years and passionately started a new business with a mission-To help other Mom Entrepreneurs realize that the stress and burnout they are feeling has a name and there is a way to get help.She has created a program that teaches Mom Entrepreneurs how to incorporate lifestyle changes without overwhelming them, so they can feel more energized, think clearer, become more productive, happier, and healthier in order to crush their goals and be the mom boss of their dreams!