What is Online Personal Training

I resisted online training for so many years.

I knew some people who were doing it and always thought to myself;  How can this be personal? How can you have the same connection with people that you have when you’re training people one-on-one ?

It just baffled my mind.

I didn’t understand.

I thought that the online training world was only videos.   Where a client would  pull up the video and do it, or we were doing together via video conferencing.

But that isn’t always the case.

I found a way to create online training programs that are very personal and help clients build habits on their own time and schedule.  

Through my years of training clients in home I found it hard for them to build habits on their own.  Which is one of the reason that I’ve closed down my in-home business.  As clients are sweating on the floor, huffing and puffing it’s tough to sit and have an in-depth conversation about what’s going on and the struggles they are going through.  Why they’re not able to do certain workouts or something isn’t fitting into their lifestyle and  life stressors and how to deal with them.

I also wasn’t able to really sit and teach them how to work exercise and nutrition into their lifestyle. Sessions were an hour long and focused on just working clients through the exercises.

Online training offers so many ways to teach clients lifelong healthy habits.  

After I find out your lifestyle and schedule I create a program for you.  

Are you traveling on business or on a vacation.  Are you working out of a gym one day and home or hotel the other?  Is there a class you really like? I can build your work outs around your life.  And schedule them as short or long as you have the time for.   

Add in my precision nutrition training and software which teaches you how to create habits and a healthy lifestyle.   No diets ever again!   You will learn how to work healthier eating into your life style.   Everyone is treated as an individual.   

The personal part,  the coaching,  is where we have  video calls. And this video call is where we really dig into everything.  This is where you and I can really set up that time to talk about how to implement health, fitness and stress reducing techniques into your life, so that it does not overwhelm you.  

Because there isn’t travel time, workouts can be 15 minutes long. I don’t do more than 30 minutes.  How can I?  I’m a mom,  I run a business, my husband work shift work and I’m often solo parenting.  There’s no way that I can do more.  How can I expect more of my clients who also lead busy, stressful lives.

As you can see online training is an amazing platform that can fit into your life.

My goal when creating programs and habits for clients is to ask if you can see yourself doing this in five years?   If so, then it is realistic and attainable.   And something you can continue long term.  

Imagine where you will be in five years if you worked out 15 minutes a day consistently… That’s only 1 % of your day.   

You will be stronger, have less joint pain,  less stress  and less health issues.   

We make it simple and progress your program as your life allows.  

I’m not trying to get you to be an Olympic athlete. My goal is to teach you to be a  person  who can manage your stress and live a healthier happier life.

And I can do this through my online programs.