Home Fit no longer offers personal training in your Toronto home…
Watch this video to hear why.

After 15 years of training clients in their home I have decided to close this part of my business.

Social events, work meetings and travel all pop up randomly in our lives.  We are busy.  Scheduling 2-3 one-hour sessions per week is stressful and difficult.  Many of my clients stopped training because they could not afford the time commitment.  (Sessions need to be one hour long due to travel time on our end.  Before and after work slots fill up, so there are only so many clients each trainer can take on.)

Often in-home clients become dependent on a trainer coming to them and do not get into the habit of working out on their own.   When they go on vacation or stop training with us, their work outs are often cease as well.     

I am opening up an online training business.  One focused on teaching clients the skills needed to fit health and fitness into their own life and learn stress reduction techniques.  Shorter work outs, coaching calls, create healthy nutrition habits and a plan that they can maintain on their own.   One that works around their schedule and not mine.  

Since starting this venture many of my former clients have come back as time was the limiting factor when training with me.  

For those who are recovering from an injury or are unsure of form and technique and aren’t ready to train on their own yet, in home training is a great option.   If this is you and you live in Toronto, I would be more than happy to recommend some of the best in home personal trainers to you.   Contact me and ask.   

If you who are busy and ready to incorporate health and fitness in your life, then my online training programs are exactly what you have been looking for.