How To Set-up A Home Gym

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Have you ever dreamed of setting up a home gym, but have no clue what to buy? You walk into a fitness equipment store and are overwhelmed with all of the choices. What should you buy? Before you turn around and never go back let us help you figure out what equipment you need. Some things to think about:

How many people will be working out in this space?

If you have a family working out then you will need to adjust for height and strength difference. If there is only one person, then you have only one to consider.

What are your goals?

Do you want to increase your fitness level and lose weight? Or do you want to increase your muscle size?

If you would like to lose weight or increase your fitness level you can use all sorts of mobile equipment. (listed below) You do not need a lot of free weights.

If your goal is to gain muscle, then you definitely need free weights to challenge your muscles. Depending on your space you can buy a rack with a weight for every increase or you can choose to save space and buy adjustable weights where they change weight with the turn of a dial or movement of a pin. If you are lifting heavy then you would also want a bench. If you are not going too heavy then a stability ball can also double as a bench.

How much space do you have?

Often my work outs do not include one piece of equipment even though I have a basement full. If you have space you have many options, but if you would rather use your work out area for another purpose as well you do not need large pieces.

What cardio equipment do you need?

The big question should be what cardio will you do? Do you like to run? If so, do you like to run inside or need to because you can’t leave the house if you have kids? Do you enjoy machines and have the space for one? Will they motivate you. I have a rowing machine, but do find that I can’t use it in the mornings or I wake up the household even though it’s quieter than a treadmill. Sound is something to consider.

Often my cardio is plyometric based (a series of pushing my body through leaping, and bounding exercises) because it is quiet and I work out in the morning. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter which piece of cardio equipment you are going to buy as long as you know for certain you will use it. If not, start without one and see if you feel you are missing out.

What is your floor like?

If you have hard wood floor or on a 2nd or 3rd level you will want to lay something over it to pad it for sound and damage protection. We use foam tiles found in any hard ware store. But we do not have heavy weights or equipment pounding on them. If you are going to use machines or heavy weights calculate how heavy the total will be and if your floor is able to withstand the weight. And invest in heavy duty grade work out tiles or flooring.

I’m sure you are starting to get a visual of what you would like in your space after answering these questions and it’s time to start filling it. You can see what I bring to all of my training sessions in this blog.

Every gym should have a mat.

The options to add-on are:

  • • Free weights
    • Kettle Bells
    • TRX
    • Bands
    • Loop Bands
  • • Sliders/Gliders
    • Yoga Blocks
    • Yoga Straps
    • Foam Roller
  • • Lacrosse ball for rolling
    • Ab Wheel
    • Stability Ball
    • Bosu

Some great stores to purchase your equipment from are:

We’d love to help you if you need any further assistance in order to build the right gym for you. Email us at to set up a time to chat.

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