Stress, Burnout and Mom Entrepreneurs

Stress, Brain Fog, Mom Entrepreneur, Burnout, Exhaustion, No Sleep

Being a mom is tough enough.  Add to that running your own business and everything else life throws at you and it can be more than overwhelming. 

How do I know this?   I’ve been there…. or I should say I am living it.  

I am the mom of two young boys, I run my own business and my husband is a police officer whose shifts change at the drop of the hat based on what’s going on in the city.  This often leaves me solo parenting, scrambling to rearrange my schedule to make sure the boys are taken care of.     

As a mom who’s running her own business stress is a daily occurrence.   Sometimes the stress is a thrilling ride.   Entrepreneurs have a different mentality and that adrenalin rush is a part of why we do it. 

But the down side is the sense of overwhelm and burn out, the mood swings and utter exhaustion that disrupts our sleep no matter how tired we are and makes us short with our loved ones. 

It Doesn't Have To Be This Way

If you are like me you have complained to your doctor about brain fog and utter exhaustion, depression, anxiety, excess weight around your middle that you just can’t lose no matter how well you eat and exercise, trouble sleeping and more….   

The solution-  prescribe anti meds-   anti-anxiety,  anti-depression, anti-exhaustion…. oh wait, there isn’t a pill for that yet!      OR they give you a few tests and tell you nothing is wrong. 

So, you continue on your way and assume that this is just how life is supposed to be.   They do say kids will exhaust you.  Maybe there were right....but secretly deep down you think, there has to be a way to feel better.   

Our Medical System Is Built For Crisis

When our medical system was created it was meant for emergency care.  If you have a disease they try to fix it, if you need surgery they are there.  This system plays a very important role, but misses many things in between. 

When doctors read your stress levels (cortisol) they are looking for Addison’s Disease (Lower 2.5% production of cortisol) or Cushing Disease (Top 2.5% production of cortisol).   If you are like me and fall in between (you have a 95% window) then your doctor views that as a positive test result.   Even if you are close to the upper or lower range and show signs and symptoms of either disease, you are not in a crisis situation.   Thus, deemed as ok and sent on your way. 

This Can Be Quite Frustrating

I know for me I stopped advocating for myself as I didn’t realize that my stress symptoms/burn out had a name.

That is until I was listening to a podcast that started listing my symptoms and gave it a name - Adrenal Fatigue.

I recall sitting there crying.

So relieved.

It wasn't in my head.

What I was feeling was real.

I'm not crazy and I don't have to live like this forever.

And so my recovery journey began...

After lots of research, reading and treatment myself I learned in a nutshell:

1. Adrenal Fatigue has different stages. Depending on the stage you may need some medical support and then lifestyle changes can prevent you from getting back to that place again


Lifestyle changes alone may be all you need to recover.

2. The cause of your adrenal fatigue may be different from others.

There are 5 triggers

  • Mindset
  • Nutrition
  • Physical
  • Environmental
  • Illness
  • And I would like to also add in there genetics as I myself have 2 COMT genetic variations that inadvertently affect how my body processes stress.   

This is why it’s very hard to give it a name as we all may have had a different journey. BUT they all affect your hormones as your adrenal glands manage stress as well as your hormones.

3. Not all naturopaths/integrative functional medicine practitioners specialize in adrenal fatigue/hormones. I have seen some amazing naturopaths that helped with other issues, but my adrenal fatigue was never addressed. That is until I found a naturopath who specialized in hormones/adrenal fatigue as well as genetics and gave me the appropriate testing to tell her how to best treat me.   Knowing my genetic variations changed my treatment protocol.  

Adrenal fatigue is real!   It’s not in your head.  There is a way to get help so you can clear your brain, increase your energy, productivity and kick butt at home and in the office!

For many years I felt alone on my journey to regain my health.   In order to prevent this from happening to others, I created a Free Private Stress and Lifestyle Management group filled with other mom entrepreneurs who are supportive and motivating.   Why not join us today!  And sign up now for my newsletter that's filled with amazing tips and tricks.  

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out .  I've been where you are and there is a way out.   I'd love to show you how.  

About the Author

Andi Clark

Andi struggled alone with exhaustion, brain fog, mood swings and more for 20 years before finding out these symptoms had a nameAdrenal Fatigue.Once she felt better, she closed down her business of 15 years and passionately started a new business with a mission-To help other Mom Entrepreneurs realize that the stress and burnout they are feeling has a name and there is a way to get help.She has created a program that teaches Mom Entrepreneurs how to incorporate lifestyle changes without overwhelming them, so they can feel more energized, think clearer, become more productive, happier, and healthier in order to crush their goals and be the mom boss of their dreams!

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