Summer Survival Guide For Mom Entrepreneurs

Summer Survival Guide for Mom Entrepreneurs

It’s hard to believe that kids will be out of school in about 3 weeks.

Initially I get excited thinking about all of the things I’ll be able to do with the kids.   No rushing around in the am and the best of all no more lunch prep!

After a few minutes reality sets in and I start thinking about all of the things I NEED to get done in the office.   Mom guilt sets in that I won’t  have the time I’d like for my kids.  I start stressing about how I am going to get everything done.

Or at least that used to be me.

Until I started planning ahead.

In the past I would think taking a day to plan everything took away from the tasks at hand.  In reality planning and creating structure in my business has saved me a ton of stress, has me more productive in less time giving me more time with my family.

Here is how I created a summer that allows me time to get done what I need in my business and have time with my kids.



Step 1

Sit down and make a list of everything that you need to get done up to the end of September in your business.

Step 2

Break down each task into steps.

Step 3

Write down a realistic time frame it will take you to complete each task.

Step 4

Decide which tasks you can delegate.  Write all of the instructions to hand off the project.

Step 5

Sit down with your calendar and figure out when you will work during the summer and block off every task in your calendar.

I have a morning routine where I work from 5-7am.   This is when the house is quiet, I have a brain and can focus and get tasks done quick and efficiently.   I know exactly what I am doing when I turn my laptop on and don’t get into anything else.  I stay razor focused on the task at hand.  It’s amazing how much I can accomplish in those two hours.   This am I wrote 4 blogs!   Doing this Monday to Friday gives me 10 hours a week before the kids are even awake.   And these two hours I can accomplish what I would normally accomplish in 4 hours during the day when distracted.

This doesn’t work for everyone.   If possible block off the times when your brain is at it’s best so you can maximize the time you are working.

Step 6

Figure out what the kids will be doing during your blocked off time.    Summer Camps, Family/Grandparents, babysitters (high school and college kids are back for the summer) , neighbour exchange (We have a few neighbours where we trade kids back and forth.  It’s been great for date nights, getting things done around the house and when I need to get work done).   If your kids are a bit older they can get themselves up and fed breakfast while you extend your morning time.   Work until 9am Mon to Friday and you have 20 hours logged and your whole day to hang with your kids.

Step 7

Stick to your schedule.   When asked to do anything when you have time blocked off say NO!   Think of saying it more in terms of what you are saying Yes to.

YES to staying on top of work and not being overwhelmed,

YES to being focused on your kids during the rest of the time,

YES to not being stressed trying to spread your focus in too many places.

YES to being able to complete your goals and move your business forward.



Having everything planned and written out helps you become

  • More Focused and Results Driven
  • Less Stressed when working and with your kids
  • Keeps you on track with what truly needs to be done
  • Helps you crush your summer goals and stay on top of your business
  • Gives you more quality time with your kids to enjoy summer with them


Now what are you waiting for?   Start planning so you can enjoy your summer with your kids and your business.


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