Tactical Ways To Control Your Stress

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Your job is full of stress.  My mission is to help teach you tactical ways to decrease stress that you have control over, so that you have more energy and available resources in your body to fight the stress that you can not control.

There are 5 stress triggers of which I wrote about in this blog.

One stress trigger I had never heard of until my son had severe allergies and I was trying to help any way I could are environmental stress triggers.

Honestly, I had no clue what environmental stress triggers were.   I’d heard of carcinogens, hormone and endocrine disruptors in passing, but really had no idea what that meant or how we came in contact with them.   I was astounded to find out that we are surrounded by them and use them every day in our home.

Once I learned of my stress condition I realized how important it was for our whole family’s health.

Through the help of my friend Emma from Green At Home I learned a few tricks to green my home of which I am going to tell you now.

Let’s start with

What are hormone and endocrine disruptors?

Hormone and endocrine disruptors mimic real hormones.   Almost every function in our body is controlled by hormones.




Blood sugars

Blood pressure

Reproductive system


And many more….  In fact, there are more than 50 hormones in our bodies.

Hormones are released into what we will call a car that takes them where they are needed to function.   Hormone and endocrine disruptors hop into the car and take the place of the real thing.   The problem is when they get to their destination the disruptor mixes up the message.   This can create a slew of problems from getting frustrated easier, reproductive issues, insulin levels going crazy and more which stresses out your body.

As you can see the less hormone disruptors in your body the better it is able to function and the less stressed you are.

How do we decrease hormone and endocrine disruptors?

The first thing that can make a huge impact on your stress is your skin.   Your skin is the largest organ in your body.   And many (most) products found in commercial stores contain hormone and endocrine disruptors.







Anything with a synthetic smell often contains hormone and endocrine disruptors.    And just because something is labeled as green does not mean that it is nontoxic to your skin.

How can you change this?

Changing everything at once is expensive and overwhelming.  What we did was changed a few things that covered a lot of surface area on our skin right away.  The other things we replaced as we finished them.

There are two great resources to check your products.  One is Think Dirty and the other EWG.    Both have apps, but EWG also has a laptop version that goes further in depth.

They allow you to scan bar code.  Please note that some retailers buy in massive quantities and have special bar codes, so you may have to click the search button and type in the name of the product.   I know our Colgate toothpaste did this.    Not every product is in there, but they do always give options of better choices.  If you can’t find your item finish it up and then replace it with one on their list.

You can always ask on the Green At Home Facebook page.   You will learn which products are tried and tested and approved by the members.

Where to buy non toxic products?

Most health food stores have great options.  We tend to do a lot of our shopping online.   Sites we like are Green Beaver and Well.ca as well as others where we use the Healthy Moms Discount Card which gives great discounts to many online stores.

Your life is filled with stress that you can’t control.    Making changes to the ones you can control will help you decrease your chances of burn out and fatigue on the job.

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The advice provided in this article is for informational purposes only. It is meant to augment and not replace consultation with a licensed health care provider. Consultation with a Naturopathic Doctor or other primary care provider is recommended for anyone suffering from a health problem.