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Working with Andi has helped me lessen my stress at work and home.

I'm more tuned in at home and less grump / spicy with my daughter.  I have been enjoying my days off instead of sitting around trying to relax from work.


I love this program and even though I’m not 100%, I am 100% better than when I started.

Police - 19 yrs

I helped with chores around the house a lot more this week. Not my fair share but I helped!

It felt good and makes me want to help more this week too.

LEO - 8 yrs

I've slept through the night twice in the past week.


That's big for me as before I started the program, I probably hadn't slept through the night in years. I have some energy and also some patience back. I've worked back up to 3ish short workouts a week.

Police - 13 yrs

The principles that Andi Clark teaches are applicable to ALL professionals. She and her program have been very helpful in my journey.

Whether you struggle with burnout or PTSD or you are just plain tired of feeling drained, check out this community - It's loaded with good information and great people wanting to better themselves as well as those with similar struggles.

- 10 yrs

I am falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer.

This program works. I didn’t know if it would help or not, but my wife and I committed to it and it is working.

Firefighter - 14 yrs

Following the supplement regime exactly as prescribed.  I feel pretty good and the bathroom trips are becoming less frequent.

I know the program is working and this is the start of week 2. I am encouraged and trying to do my best.

EMS- 10 yrs

This is most helpful program - in the last 2 months my sleep situation has improved significantly.

My lack of sleep was preventing me from reaching the level of performance on my job and at home that I strive for. This program and community have helped me fix that issue.


I want to say with the help of your program I was able to handle and deal with that stress that came along with the process and I am happy to say I received word this morning I received a promotion.

Police - 18 yrs

I'm learning and I'm truly thankful for this program. It will add years and quality to my life.

Police - 19 yrs

People at my work were noticing that I was not as angry or short with folks and that I was using my “authoritative voice” properly.

LEO - 11 yrs

I've stopped taking my ADD Medication 2 weeks ago. I like not having so many ups and downs.

Police - 9 yrs

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