The 5 Root Causes Of Stress

The 5 Root Causes of Stress, Burnout and Adrenal Fatigue

We all know what stress is.

We know it’s not good for us.  

But often we don’t think any deeper about stress.  

Or maybe that just me?  

I always thought I had little to no control over external stresses. Rushing to a call, Deadline at work, a death, illness…  

That was until I was diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue and started reading everything I could get my hands on about stress.   I realized that many of the symptoms I was experiencing were directly linked to stress in ways I had never thought of and a lot of it I could manage and control myself.

There are 5 triggers for stress.   

Little did I know that 3 of these triggers were a huge part of my life and I’d been managing my symptoms since my big crash 20 years ago.  

As I’ve spoke about in past blogs, stress is managed by our adrenal glands.   Read our Stress SOS blog to help you understand what happens EVERY time you have a stress response big or small.   

Knowing your stress triggers is so important.  The less fires you need to put out in your day, the more likely you are able to prevent adrenal fatigue/burn out.     

Once you read on you may want to change everything at once, but keep in mind that this will only set you up for overwhelm and doesn’t build solid habits over time.  

As I tell all of my client’s; small steps will get you there slower, but will last longer.

Start with the ones you feel you can tackle first and slowly make changes over time with the others.  


What you put in your body directly affects how you feel.  We all know this, but when you have adrenal fatigue your body feels the difference tenfold.    

For example, Sugar.

Sugar puts a lot of stress on our bodies.   Give me sugar or lots of starchy carbs and you can see my face change from the energy drop.  My brain becomes foggier and I get very short with my kids fast. It’s almost like I can feel this agitation and vibrations in my stomach that resonates out of my body.  

It’s crazy how it affects me so drastically.    

I know what causes it.   I still eat sugar and starchy carbs, but understanding, seeing and feeling what it does to my body is helping me say no more often.

Eating a healthy balanced diet most of the time can really decrease stress on your body.   


Mindset is a big contributor to stress.  Especially for those of us who live to help others.  It’s hard to say no, and we often over extend ourselves and put our self last.   

How we think and manage everything that is thrown at us either escalates or de-escalates the situation.

Rephrasing, Changing your thoughts from always saying yes to thinking – If I say no, what I am saying yes to (more time with family,  sleep, getting priority things accomplished..), staying out of negative thoughts, not treating everything as an emergency, time blocking, prioritizing and many other mindset changes can help decrease stress.


Your job is very physical.  The toll it takes on your body day in and day out and often without a lot of sleep takes its toll over time.  

Any time you exercise or work your muscles it stresses your body.  

If your adrenals are fully functioning this is a good stress and helps to regenerate mitochondria (the powerhouse cells in your body that keep you strong and help prevent aging signs)   BUT if your adrenals are fatiguing, your body may not be able to handle the stress your muscles are putting on your body and further fatigue your adrenals.

It’s important to listen to your body.   My adrenals were so low functioning when I was diagnosed that after 4 months of treatment I was finally about to do a higher-level yoga some days and others sitting and meditating was too much for me. I still can’t push a HIIT workout or I will set my adrenals back they were damaged so much.   I was a personal trainer for 20 years, and not working out is killing me, but if I do I will crash again. My goal is to get back to being able to push my body, but it’s been a very slow recovery for me.

It’’s all about listening to your body and doing what feels good for you!   

Environmental Toxins

Did you know how many chemicals surround us and how they affect us?

Our skin is the largest organ in our body.   Every day we put lotions, creams, soap, makeup, deodorant, sunscreen and more on our body without realizing that most of them contain hormone and endocrine disruptors.  These are toxins that trick our body into thinking they are really our hormones and endocrines, but they don’t function the same.

These bind to our hormone and endocrine receptors.  

This leaves our actual hormones and endocrines without a site to bind to.

Over time our bodies supply decreases because of supply and demand, messing up our hormones and endocrine systems which can create all kinds of problems such as moods, trouble controlling your frustration and anger,  fertility issues and a lot more.

Beyond our bodies our household cleaners and many items in our houses contain toxic chemicals including hormone and endocrine disruptors as well as other toxins.  We now make all of our household cleaners which is cheaper and faster than running to the store once and I don’t get brain fog after cleaning the bathroom with all of the harsh chemicals that were in the bottles I was spraying and breathing in.   

Illness and Injury

This is one that we can not do anything about once they happen.   But illnesses and injuries put a large strain on our bodies stressing out our adrenals.   Doing everything you can in the previous 4 categories will help reduce your bodies stress and aid in preventing increased damage to your adrenals.  

Knowing is power.

Now you are able to take action.  

Every week my 911 Stress Management Group covers a tip or trick to help you reduce your stress focusing a different root causes of stress.    

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My mission is to give you the knowledge to make changes that will you increase your energy, improve your sleep and rediscover the person who you were when you first got on the job.

Reach out if you have any questions.  I’m more than happy to help.


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