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When trying to eat healthy, one of the biggest nutrition struggles is understanding and reading labels. The way products are advertised and promoted is very misleading. “No Sugar Added”, “Gluten Free”, “Low Fat”. We look for these stamped on the packages we buy and think we’re doing a good thing for our bodies. Until, however, you start to read and understand the nutritional panels and ingredient lists. It’s at that moment when you realize that “thing” that hasn’t been added has been replaced with something potentially more damaging that the original ingredient.

When I teach my clients this, it’s empowering and creates this circle of “better”. Better choices, lead to healthier eating, which increases your energy and makes you feel great, so you keep making those better choices and the circle keeps going. That’s it right? That’s all. I just have to watch what I put into my body. Well, did you ever think that this same principle can be applied to what’s around you? Your home? Your detergent? Your body lotion? Your toothpaste?

We look for these stamped on the packages we buy and think
we’re doing a good thing for our bodies.

Until I met Emma from Green at Home, I never really thought about it. Emma is an environmental engineer. She found that there was a disconnect between what businesses were saying versus what environmental groups were saying. As with food items, this makes it tough for us to understand which household products are truly green and which ones we assume are green because of advertising or packaging. Simply finding out the levels of carcinogenicity, hormone and reproductive disruptors in almost everything we touch on a daily basis was staggering.

I joined Emma’s “Your Healthy Home” program. It walks you through each room of your house to teach you how to understand what you have and how to improve the green-ability of it.  Every week the group meets via a webinar where Emma walks us through a room of our house in a very precise fashion. She teaches us how to read labels and make wiser choices, then she gives us home work.

The homework for week one was to download the app THINK DIRTY. (Yes, I laughed the first time I heard it too.) This app allows you to scan bar codes or input the name of products you use every day. Then it tells you how high it is on the “dirty” scale. 0 being really “clean” and 10 being very “dirty”. It then breaks it down into categories where it’s each rated. This app does rate things high for scent, so if you are not scent sensitive and that’s the only high item on the list, then go for it.

I wish there was an app like this for food!

I couldn’t believe what I had learned. The laundry soap that my husband and I thought was green is a 9/10! My toothpaste which I use every day, multiple times a day, is a 10. Crazy, right? This app also lists “cleaner” options for you to look for in the store. My husband and I now pull it out in the drug store, the health food store, and everywhere else before we make purchases. I wish there was an app like this for food!

Emma can be found at Green at Home and through her Green at Home Facebook Forum. If you are looking to improve your home health score I would highly recommend this course. Her hard work has paid off as you can see though her bio of achievements including being recruited as a consultant by David Suzuki programs.

We would also love to teach you how to read food labels and make smarter choices with your nutrition. Contact us today to get started.

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