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Are you ready to 10X your energy, focus, and performance in your career and home life?


Have you had the opportunity to listen to the Health KPI Podcast to know if you resonate with Andi’s coaching style and understand how she tracks Health KPI’s? 


Are you interested in working directly with Andi and start tracking the right Health KPI’s so that you can stop wasting time on things that are not giving you the ROI to excel you to the next level?

If your answer is a resounding YES,

Then take the next step and book a discovery call

with Andi. 

During this call, you and Andi will have the chance to ask any questions of one another in order to determine if working together is the right fit for both you and Andi.

To get started on your journey towards excelling the quality of your career and home life click the “Book Now” button. 

This is most helpful program – in the last 2 months my sleep situation has improved significantly.

My lack of sleep was preventing me from reaching the level of performance on my job and at home that I strive for. This program and community have helped me fix that issue.

Richard - USA

Wondering what happens after the call?


If either of you feels that you’re not a good fit, there’s no pressure to continue. Andi values honesty and will gladly refer you to another trained practitioner or coach who specializes in the specific areas you need assistance with.

However, if you and Andi are a great match, she will provide you with her booking link for an initial 2-hour consultation. 

During this paid session, Andi will

  • Delve into your health history as knowing a client’s health history allows Andi to create personalized coaching that align with your individual needs, goals, and medical considerations
  • Talk about your job and home life giving Andi better insight on what habits will and won’t be possible to add into your current life demands.   
  • Review your tracker data (If you have a tracker) to see what your data tells us
  • Discover what you have tried and haven’t tried, what’s worked and what hasn’t to boost your energy, focus and drive in order to better personalize strategies to improve your Health KPI’s.  

Drawing upon her superpower of connecting the dots and suggest a personalized plan tailored to you.

After the initial consultation, you will have the option to either continue on your own, armed with valuable insights and some base strategies, or choose to continue working working 1:1 with Andi. 

These sessions will dive deep into tracking your KPI’s and custom tailoring your  tool box based on what data shows to give you the best ROI for energy, focus and performance. 

Stop guessing at what may work  and start focusing on what the data shows works for YOU!

Take the first step towards 10X-ing your performance

by booking your discovery call now!

I have been following along and putting things into my day and night routines.

Feeling pretty good, more energy, tired and ready for bed as opposed to being “wired” should get easier to make the choices as time goes forward!

RJ - Ontario, Canada

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